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star deep fryer troubleshooting

Star Manufacturing deep fryers are important in most commercial kitchens. And, it's common to experience malfunction once in a while. That's why it is important to know some of the most common Star deep fryer problems and their fixes. It's easy to fix the basic issues that come with your fryer. Let's start reading a few problems and tips to solve the problems of Star Mfg deep fryer.

Star Deep Fryer Troubleshooting Guide

Find the simple solutions to fix the basic Star fryer problems

Deep Fryer Pilot Won’t Light/ Pilot Light is Out

If the fryer's deep pilot light is out, you can consider that your unit is completely out of condition. The oil does not heat up to its right temperature without a pilot light. There are many reasons behind the deep fryer pilot light out. But, mainly due to the main gas supply valve issue, this problem will occur.

Check the supply line for any blockages, this is the best choice to confirm that problem is with the gas supply valve. While inspecting, if you observe that the supply valve is open and clog-free, then you have to replace the thermopile. The thermopile works as a main heating element in the fryer that converts thermal heat into electric energy. Therefore, signaling the pilot light to ignite the flame. It is fairly simple to replace the thermopile. If you are unable to replace it, contact a professional.

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Thermostat Failure

If you are seeing temperature fluctuations when using the Star Mfg deep fryer, it might because of a defective thermostat. When the temperature is off, it's likely that the fryer will continue to burn or undercook your fried and correct recipes until the problem is fixed.

If you notice any problems with the heating capabilities of oil, you should place a probe-style thermometer inside the oil for testing its average temperature. When you are testing, the temperature must be consistent. If the oil temperature is inconsistent while testing, you will need to re-calibrate/ rewire or replace the internal thermostat. Also, check the wires behind the fryer thermostat are disconnected. If so, connect them properly.

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Hi-Limit Switch is Not Working

Sometimes, you may get problems with hi-limit thermostats. Hi-Limit thermostats are placed inside the fry tank near the burners. Like an internal thermostat, the hi-limit switch caused to not heat the frying oil to its arranged temperature. If this switch is a reason for your deep fryer's inconsistent oil temperature, replace it to resolve the issue. If you don't know how to replace the hi-limit switch, you can call a service technician.

Burner is Out

We already know, lit burners are necessary for your food-perfect frying. If your deep fryer's burners are producing a low flame than normal, it could mean you have a clogged burner. So, a clogged burner requires cleaning. You should clean quickly to unclog the burners.

You can use a long wire brush as it is the best way for removing debris that has been made in the burner cavities over time. If the flame seems to be low even after cleaning the burners, there may be an underlying issue. Call a technician to check the fuel supply line for damages.

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Poor Oil Circulation

If the fryer oil filter fails, the flow of oil will become weak and makes it impossible to complete the deep fry food successfully. You will hear and see the oil circulation sound when your Star deep fryer is turned on if it's filtration pump is operating properly. If your oil flow becomes weak, you can simply change the oil filter. Sometimes, this will work effectively. But, in some situations, the O-rings could not fully tight & secure. Damaged O-rings often interfere with a stable air pressure balance. So, you should fix them carefully even it is easier. Otherwise, need a professional technician to get complete functionality.

Deep Fryer Not Draining Oil

If your fryer is not draining oil properly. you have to check some filtration parts including obstructed or dirty drain valve, filtration pump is tripped or broken, or drain filter is dirty.

If there are any obstructions in the drain valve, you must remove and clean the valve immediately. Check the drain filter is dirty. If there is a thick buildup of food particles or grease, you have to replace or clean the filter. Reset the filtration pump if it is tripped. If still, the problem existed, you have to be repaired or replaced the pump by a technician.


That’s all about a few common problems of your Star manufacturing deep fryer issues and their solutions. Hope, this Star commercial deep fryer troubleshooting tips helped you while fixing basic problems. However, it’s necessary to follow regular maintenance to avoid these types of common problems. If you need further more assistance regarding Star deep fryer troubleshooting, you can refer to the manual. For replacement or repair needs, buy Star Mfg fryer parts at our store.

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