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blodgett oven troubleshooting

As one of the best manufacturers in the commercial foodservice industry, Blodgett offers various types of ovens including convection, combi, and pizza ovens. If you are using the Blodgett oven in your kitchen and it shows any wrong signs to work in the correct way, no worries. You can fix the common problems of your oven yourself simply. To make your job easier, we have some Blodgett oven troubleshooting tips so that you can follow them to solve the issues.

Blodgett Oven Troubleshooting Instructions

Before going to major troubleshooting procedures to fix common Blodgett oven issues, you will try these basic things.

Oven Not Heating

  • First, you should check whether your unit has a gas connection or not if you are using a Blodgett gas oven. If it is turned off, you must turn on the gas valve immediately.
  • Verify if your unit is not plugged in. If it is not, you will plug it into any electrical power supply outlet.
  • Power switch on the control panel should be in the ON position. Moreover, you have to set the control panel to the "Cook or Oven" ON mode.
  • The control might be set to the below ambient temperature. You need to examine and set it to the desired bake temperature properly.
  • Sometimes, the oven's door could be opened. Please close the door properly,

If above all are okay, you need to check any error codes that will be displayed on the control panel. According to the Blodgett oven error codes mean and fix, you need to do your job.

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Blodgett Oven is Not Ready

  • If your unit has not reached preheat temperature when you start it, then wait for a few minutes until your oven reaches the preheat temperature.
  • You may not be turned on the gas valve completely. So, check the gas valve and be sure it has to be turned completely.
  • When a quick disconnect is not connected, you can get this type of issue. Hence, you will need to be reconnected the quick connect and inspect all connections as well.
  • Low gas pressure - The gas pressure to your Blodgett oven might be too low. Then, call your gas representative to increase the gas pressure.
  • Activated fan delay - If your unit has a fan delay feature, check if it is activated. You should deactivate the fan delay, if activated.

If any of the above is not caused to the oven not ready, there may be a problem with the main temperature control. So, once refer to the Blodgett oven manual so that you can get the solution. Otherwise, contact a technician.

Convection Oven Does Not Run

  • The oven might not be plugged in correctly so that check it and plug it into the electrical supply source.
  • Check if your unit is set to the "Cook" mode. The oven's control panel should be set to Cook or Oven ON.
  • Sometimes, the circuit breaker will be tripped. If it is, you have to reset the circuit breaker.
  • For this problem also, you must verify the fan delay feature. If this feature is activated, you will need to deactivate it.
  • Check for the oven doors open. Close them properly.

In addition to the above problems, you need to check some general baking problems when your unit is not operating as it works.

Incorrect product programming - When there is incorrect programming, you will reprogram the control per operation section.

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Thermostat out of calibration

If you notice that your Blodgett oven thermostat is improperly calibrated, you can solve the issue using the buttons and knobs on the control panel, it will depend on your unit model and how it was designed by the manufacturer.

  1. Find the button on the control panel that activates calibration mode. Some ovens use "Oven Light or Bake" buttons for calibration while others have to use the combination of "Bake and Broil Hi/ Lo" buttons to get calibration mode.
  2. Tap and hold the above button(s) for a few seconds until you get "SF" or "F TempOffset or OO" on the display screen.
  3. Now, press + or - buttons or Up or Down arrows to adjust the right temperature.
  4. After you have made the required temperature, press the "Start" button.

When there is improper oven venting, you can get baking problems. Your oven would not bake the food evenly. So, if you find any of these related issues, you can fix them quickly. Call a professional for assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a Blodgett oven?

Make sure the gas switch is in the "off", cool down in the "auto" and blower ON positions. Set the required temperature. Open the gas valve and check for leaks. Connect the power to the outlet. Turn the gas switch to ON, you can hear a ticking sound for about 0 seconds. The red light will be turned on. Sometimes, it can't light on the first attempt. If the red light doesn't turn on, try opening and closing the doors completely.

How do you clean a Blodgett convection oven?

Remove all parts/ components inside the oven. Soak the individual parts in a cleaning solution of ammonia and water. Spray the oven commercial oven cleaner on the interior surface and leave it for 10 to 20 minutes. Wipe down the interior with a clean and wet cloth. Take out the parts from the cleaning solution and dry them. Once they are dry, you need to install them in your Blodgett oven.

How do you light the pilot on a Blodgett convection oven?

  1. Turn the manual valve to the ON position.
  2. Set the thermostat to the desired temperature.
  3. Push the start or reset switch to UP and release. The electronic pilot ignition control will light the pilot automatically and burner each time the thermostat calls for heat.
  4. If the Blodgett oven pilot light fails to ignite within 30 seconds, a complete shutdown of the ignition system will occur. For re-ignition, you have to push the toggle switch UP and hold it for 30 seconds, then release.


It is no matter how hard someone tries to improve commercial kitchen efficiency as faulty cooking/ baking equipment will slow the process. So, correct maintenance of Blodgett ovens can help you to prevent breakdowns and malfunctions. However, we hope this article on Blodgett oven troubleshooting helps you to make your job easier. If you are unable to solve any Blodgett oven problems, take professional help for your Blodgett oven repair. When you want to replace Blodgett commercial oven parts, buy new parts online at PartsFPS.

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