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commercial gas oven troubleshooting

As a restaurant owner, your commercial oven is important for your business. So, when your oven won't work properly, you should find a solution quickly. If you are not sure where to start, here are the most common gas stove problems solutions and how can you do commercial oven repair fast. 

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Commercial gas ovens are the most commonly used kitchen appliances in hospitals, restaurants, hotels. Whether you are using a stone pizza oven to cook the best hand-tossed pies or a convection oven for making the tastiest cupcakes, problems may arise without proper appliance care or maintenance. However, some common issues can occur in almost every kitchen. So, PartsFPS will help to keep your commercial oven clean and food quality consistent with the following commercial gas oven troubleshooting tips.

Pilot Light Won’t Ignite

Probably this is the most common issue. Usually, when the thermostat is not in the correct position, this problem can arise. If the thermocouple is not directly in the flame while lighting the pilot, it can't get hot enough to open the safety valve. If the thermocouple is in the flame directly and won't stay lit then the thermocouple might be defective. And, needs to be replaced.

Some safety valves have the attached thermocouple so that you should replace the entire valve. If you have done the thermocouple replacement, but still, it won't lit, then the problem is with the safety valve. So, check the type of valve and have to get a replacement. Also, check the igniter, gas valve, and gas hose. It needs any replacement, do it quick.

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Oven Not Reach Enough Temperature

All new thermostats are designed as factory reset and do not require calibration. However, when your oven does not reach the set temperature, it is caused by the thermostat either out of calibration, broken, or faulty. Replacing the thermostat is the solution to this problem.

How to calibrate a commercial gas oven?

First, get a thermometer that is accurate and put it in the oven by setting the thermostat to 250º. Now, open the plate which is placed below the oven door and observe the burner flame. If it goes off before the oven reaches set temperature, you may able to calibrate it.

For calibration, remove the thermostat knob and verify type what you have. Usually, the thermostat is available in two models. One is with a round disc that has two screws to hold in place, other has a D shaft with a small screw in the center of it. So, you have to turn the disc about a fraction of time and not more than a quarter in either direction. Continue it many times until the burner comes back on. If you turned quarter and the burner doesn't come back, the fault is with the thermostat. It should be replaced.

If the burner comes back on, you need to observe oven temperature and if it gets 5 or 10° of the preset temperature, then the thermostat is good. It can take several chances to get the correct calibration.

Cooking Food Unevenly

Sometimes, you may notice that your food is cooked more in one area than in other areas. So, this may be the cause of heating elements and temperature sensors. If you have replaced the thermostat recently, it could cause uneven cooking. The thermostat contains a capillary tube that has clips that hold the bulb into a place. So, the oven will toast the food unevenly when capillary was misplaced.

To confirm the problem with heating elements, you need to check whether it preheats the oven and heating elements are glowing. The temperature sensor resistance should be increased when oven temperature increases. If they are not working, you have to replace them. Moreover, the racks and cookware are positioned correctly in the oven as that leads to the food uneven cooking.

Commercial Oven Not Heating Up

If your Blodgett oven not heating up, it could be caused by a faulty thermostat. For your gas oven, make sure to check that the igniter works well. Test the burners to check for receiving gas. If you can't find the problem, call an appliance repair expert.

Oven is Too Hot

This problem also comes with a calibration issue thermostat. So, follow the same process as you did to fix the oven not getting enough temperature to calibrate. Still, if you can't get it to calibrate, replace it to set to the correct temperature.

Oven Not Getting Power or Not Started

If your oven not getting power, check for the switch is turned on and the power cord is unplugged or broken. Some units will not start when the door is open. Reset the circuit breaker if need. Still, the problem remains, contact a technician to repair.

This process is the same for Vulcan oven troubleshooting, Blodgett pizza oven troubleshooting, gas pizza oven troubleshooting, etc. So, you can follow these steps to repair your oven.

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Even though we have many simple solutions for commercial oven repair and parts offered for replacement. It's a good thing to make a schedule for maintenance to reduce the restaurant kitchen downtime as well as save you money instead of repairing big problems. PartsFPS offers you reliable and quality oven parts. Therefore, when you need to replace commercial oven parts, you can buy from us at affordable prices.

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