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henny penny fryer troubleshooting

Fried food is a must needed item in any commercial kitchen. Henny Penny produces some of the best fryers in the foodservice industry. If you are using the Henny Penny fryer and it's not working properly, get the troubleshooting tips from here. You can use this Henny Penny fryer troubleshooting guide for the most common models.

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1.Fryer Won’t Run

If your Henny Penny fryer is not working, check for the following causes.

Open circuit

If there is an open circuit, your unit will not run even the power switch is ON. Ensure the fryer is plugged in and check whether the circuit breaker or fuse working properly or not. You need to replace the breaker or fuse if they are defective.

Tripped motor thermal protector

When the filter switch is ON but the motor is not running, there might be tripped motor thermal protector. You can solve this issue by resetting the thermal switch.

2.Fryer Oil Won't Heat

If the oil is not heating when the lights of the unit are ON, look at the possible causes:

Open high limit circuit

Check if the high limit circuit switch is tripped or open, you have to reset the switch from the high-temperature limit control. Refer to the operation in the manufacturer manual to get the right instructions.

Opened drain valve

If the drain valve is open, close it by turning the valve handle into the closed position.

Oil Boiling or Foaming Over

See the potential causes below for the oil boiling issue.

Presence of water

With the presence of water in the oil or shortening, it will boil. You should drain the oil or shortening. Moreover, clean your fryer after the completion of every cook cycle.

Incorrect rinsing

You should not leave the fryer to access water once the rinsing is done. After cleaning and rinsing, dry the unit thoroughly.

Incorrect or bad oil

Your oil might be bad for usage. So, check the company manual for recommended oils.

Incorrect filtering

You couldn't follow the correct filtering procedure. Once, check the operation manual for the right process.

3.Oil Won’t Drain

When the drain valve has obstructions, the oil could not drain from the frypot. You have to examine if any crumbs clogging the valve. Hence, open the valve and clean it out with a brush.

4.Pressure is Too High

If there is high pressure on the fryer, the deadweight might be clogged. So, power off your fryer and let it cool down to release the pressure in the frypot. Once the pressure has been released, clean the deadweight as per instructions provided in the manual.

Make sure don't operate the fryer if the pressure gauge shows high-pressure conditions. Place the power or pump switch in the OFF position which releases the pressure by allowing the fryer to cool. Ensure that not disturb the unit until the cause of high pressure has been found and corrected.

5.Pressure Won’t Build

When the pressure builds on your fryer, check for the possible causes.

Not enough food in frypot

When there is no enough food in the frypot, pressure issues may arise. So, ensure your frypot is at full capacity when frying food is in oil.

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Leaking lid gasket

Check for cracks and splits that cause leaking on the lid gasket. If there are cracks, you should replace the gasket immediately.

Metal shipping spacer still on deadweight

If the metal shipping spacer is on the deadweight, remove it properly as per the instructions in the manual.

Pressure incorrectly programmed

Reprogram the unit with the proper pressure settings. You can get the right instructions in the operation manual.

Defective PC board

Check if the PC board is broken, repair it with the help of a technician.  

6.Food Too Dark

High temperature

If the temperature is too high on your fryer, the food that comes out of the unit is too dark. So, check the temperature settings in the program mode and correct them accordingly.

Food breaded too far in advance

Add breading to food closer to frying.

7.Food Too Light

If you are getting your food as too light from the fryer, know the following.

Wrong product button selected

Generally, these types of issues will occur when you select the incorrect product button. Make sure to select the right button before start cooking to get the food properly.

Low temperature

Check the temperature setting if the unit is set at a low temperature. You must correct it to the normal temperature.

Improper preheating

  • Inspect the correct time for proper heating before you add the food to your Henny Penny fryer.
  • The low temperature might be caused for greasy food. So, verify and correct it.
  • Old oil also makes your food greasy. Remove the old oil and add new.
  • Check for the overloaded frypot. If you add a large amount of food to the frypot, it will come out as greasy. Hence, reduce the load in the frypot to fix the problem.
  • If food remains in the frypot over time, you should remove it immediately.

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Final Words:-

Hope our Henny Penny fryer troubleshooting tips will help you to solve the problem quickly. Need more troubleshooting tips on your restaurant kitchen equipment? Stay tuned with PartsFPS. We provide doorstep delivery service for all Henny Penny fryer parts. Order now!

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