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Soda Machine Troubleshooting - PartsFPS

soda machine troubleshooting

Soda machine maintenance can be tricky to avoid problems. There will be a lot that can go wrong with soda machines. But, there are many chances for your machine troubleshooting before calling a soda fountain machine repair technician. Here we have few ways to determine how to fix soda machine in Easy way. These soda machine troubleshooting tips help to get your machine operational as soon as possible.

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How to Fix Soda Machine Problems?

Good tasting drinks are important for your customers when they order beverages from your outlet. So, you can refer to these details to learn how to make soda machine troubleshooting effectively.

If your Soda is Flat

Your soft water drink is flat because of one of a few possibilities.

  • You should have six inches of ice on your cold plate. Without ice, there will be no bubbles. So, there is no ice, no bubbles.
  • Next, check your CO2 tanks.

Assess CO2 not working on soda machine. The regulator on a full tank should read somewhere between 600 to 700 with a PSI of 100 to 110. The gauges on the regulator indicate to you how much gas and pressure is inside the gas tank.

  • If you have an empty CO2 tank

Refer the line from the gauge to switch over the valve. Then turn the dial on your switchover to a full CO2 tank. Once switched over to the full tank, you need to run about 5 full pitchers of club soda. This club soda will clean and give you fresh bubbly soda from the system.

  • Every time you have to put on new gas and should run 5 full pitchers of club soda to power up the system.

Is your Soda Machine Not Dispensing Syrup?

  • To troubleshoot this problem, you have to check the syrup box. If it is empty, then replace it. Inspect syrup box connection also.
  • Make sure the CO2 gas tank is full and open. Verify pressure. Moreover, run out pitchers of seltzer.
  • The soda machine should be ON. So, check plug, outlet, and circuit breaker. You can check the outlet with a radio or blender.
  • You need to fill the ice bin if empty, tap down the ice, and close the ice bin door.

Air Noise Coming from System while Dispensing Soda?

If you attempt to pour a drink and get no result but hearing an air tone, it is due to an electrical problem. So, make sure your carbonator is plugged in.

If the carbonator is plugged in, take an appliance like a blender or drop light, and plug it into the same outlet where you connected the carbonator. If such devices don't run, then there is an issue with a circuit breaker.

Are you still getting nothing than an air sound when your carbonator is plugged into a working outlet? Consult a service technician.

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Is Sound Coming from One of the Pumps?

It means your machine is hooked up with an empty box. If you do not have an empty box hooked up, try disconnect and again reconnect the box, 

You need to disconnect the gas line if your pump is still running. If the gas line to that pump is not disconnected, then the pump will continue to operate until you are out of CO2.

Carbonator Troubleshooting

Check whether that an electrical outlet is plugged into the carbonator or not. You have to shake or bump the carbonator softly if it is plugged in, which should cause it to turn on and off. If you do not hear it kick on, contact the service technician.

Soda Vending Machine Troubleshooting

When you are not careful like using the wrong size bottles and cans while loading the soda pop on your vending machine, the internal gate will not be closed properly. This will leads to burning out the motor so that you need to replace or repair that motor with the help of a technician.

Soda Fountain Leaking Water

If the water is leaking from your fountain machine, you need to turn off the water supply to the equipment.

See the procedure below to turn off the water supply.

  • First, you have to locate the incoming water shutoff valve.
  • Next, turn the valve 90 degrees.
  • After that, turn off the soda fountain with a key or switch.
  • Now, unplug other equipment serviced from this water line such as carbonators, boosters, and ice machines.

Make sure to check your owner's soda machine manual before fix the problems of your equipment. PartsFPS stocks a supply of parts to fulfill your machine needs. Here, you can buy all the original and quality kitchen equipment parts.

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Thanks for reading this blog on soda machine troubleshooting. Stay in touch with us to get more simple troubleshooting guides for your commercial kitchen equipment. Bookmark and order parts when you need them.

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