How To Change Water Pump On Manitowoc Ice Machine?

The water pump in a Manitowoc ice machine is a vital component that circulates water through the system and ensures that the ice is made consistently. If the water pump fails, the ice machine will not work properly and will need to be repaired or replaced. A malfunctioning water pump can cause issues such as slow or no ice production, leakage, or damage to other components in the machine. It is recommended to have a professional perform any repairs or replacements on the water pump to ensure that it is installed and working properly. This guide will demonstrate how to change the water pump on a Manitowoc ice machine.

How To Change Water Pump On Manitowoc Ice Machine

To change a water pump on a Manitowoc ice machine, you will need to ensure that the power supply to the machine is turned off, as well as the water supply, to prevent any potential hazards. Before you begin, it is important to gather all necessary tools and supplies, including a new water pump, screwdrivers, pliers, and any other tools specified in the manufacturer's manual.

Draining the Machine

Begin by draining any remaining water from the ice machine. To do this, locate the drain valve and open it to allow the water to drain out into a container or floor drain. Once all the water has been drained, close the drain valve.

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Locate the Water Pump and Disconnect Connections 

The water pump is typically located near the bottom of the ice machine, near the water line. It may be attached to the machine by screws or bolts. Locate the electrical connections to the water pump and disconnect them by removing any screws or bolts holding them in place. Take care not to damage the electrical connections during this step. Next, locate the plumbing connections to the water pump and disconnect them. This may involve loosening clamps or nuts holding the hoses in place. Take care to not damage the plumbing connections during this step.

Remove the Water Pump and Install the New Water Pump 

Once all electrical and plumbing connections have been disconnected, remove the screws or bolts holding the water pump in place and remove the pump from the machine. To install the new water pump, reverse the steps used to remove the old pump. Start by securing the new pump in place with screws or bolts, then reconnect the plumbing connections. Tighten any clamps or nuts holding the hoses in place to prevent leaks.

Reconnect Electrical Connections 


Reconnect the electrical connections to the new water pump and secure them in place with screws or bolts. Be sure to connect the wires according to the manufacturer's specifications to ensure proper operation.

Test the Water Pump 

Once the new water pump has been installed, turn the water supply back on and test the pump to ensure it is working properly. Check for leaks around the plumbing connections and listen for any unusual noises that may indicate a problem with the pump.

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It is important to follow the manufacturer's specifications and instructions when changing the water pump on your Manitowoc ice machine. If you are not confident in your ability to perform the task, it is best to call a professional to ensure it is done correctly. Proper maintenance and timely replacement of components can extend the life of your ice machine and prevent costly repairs.


changing a water pump on a Manitowoc ice machine requires careful attention to detail and following the manufacturer's instructions. By properly draining the machine, disconnecting the electrical and plumbing connections, removing the old water pump, installing the new pump, reconnecting the connections, and testing the pump, you can ensure that your ice machine continues to operate safely and efficiently.

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