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How To Clean a Deep Fat Fryer?

The most essential processes of cooking from ancient times are boiling and frying. The same thing applies even to these modern times. Though we must mention that the tools or equipment we use for frying, boiling and baking changed as technology got improved. We mostly see electrical fryers in action today, especially in restaurants and hotels. As the fryer works with oil and needs to be cleaned after a certain period of use we came up with this post on how to clean a deep fat fryer for you.

How to Clean a Deep Fat Fryer?

Cleaning a deep fat fryer is not as tough as you may think. Here are a few simple steps of cleaning your frier.

Cool the Fryer and Remove the oil.

To clean a fryer, you can start by plugging it off from the power source and letting it cool if it is just used. You should never clean the fryer while it is still plugged cause it may lead to a short circuit. So after the fryer is sufficiently cooled, you can remove the oil in it with the help of a strainer. If the oil smells bad you can dispose of it and if it still smells good you can use it for cooking.

Loosen the Grease

Now fill the sink with water and add a tablespoon of Dawn and white vinegar to a cup and let the fryer basket soak in the mixture for a while. This will help to loosen up the grease.

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Grease Removal

While the basket is in the mixture soaking we can work on the insides of the fryer. We should start with the stuck-on grease. By scrubbing and brushing the insides try to remove almost all of the grease. Especially put more effort into the corners.

Dawn is a very good cleanser to use as it can remove hard stains and buildups. It can make our job very easy by cleaning the fryer from every side, especially at the inside corners.

Cleaning with Boiling Water and Dawn

1. Check the oil line inside the fryer and fill the water up to that.

2. Now mix some Dawn in that water and stir.

3. Switch on the fryer now and let the water boil for around 10 minutes.

4. Then switch off the fryer and let the water cool after which you can throw the water.

5. Now with the sponge that has some Dawn on it wipe the whole interiors of your deep fryer.

Be aware when you are dealing with this water wash as the fryer is an electrical appliance. You should never immerse the fryer in water.

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Cleaning with Baking Soda and Dawn

This is one more method to remove the stubborn build up and that involves some baking soda.

1. Mix the Dawn and baking soda such that they become like a paste.

2. Now apply that mixture to the stuck-on grease.

3. After a while scrub it all clean and wash it with water.

Final Touch

After cleaning the interiors clean the exteriors by scrubbing and washing. If everything is done perfectly the fryer will be clean and hygenic to use. But before that, it is very important to make the drier completely dry. So leave the fryer and fryer basket in the open or use a blower to make it dry quickly and your deep fryer is good to go for making some french fries.

When to Clean?

It's not necessary to clean your fryer after each use. Anyway, the fryer is made to use repeatedly. But it is better if you clean it each month or you can also clean it every three months but you should take care properly while every use. If you use it occasionally you can clean it after each use and keep it aside.


Hence this is the procedure to clean the deep fryer properly and easily. Hope our blog on how to clean a deep fat fryer helps you in cleaning your appliance and making it hygienic to use for your daily dining.


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