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how to clean a scotsman ice machine

Most ice machines require periodic maintenance to maintain their performance at optimum capability. According to the instructions of the Scotsman ice machine cleaning manual, you must keep the maintenance to guarantee longevity. If you are looking for a complete resource on how to clean a Scotsman ice machine, continue reading this post. Our guide will help you to find the solutions for Scotsman ice machine cleaning.

How to Clean a Scotsman Ice Machine?

  1. Initially, you have to remove all ice from the ice bin.
  2. After that, remove the front panel of your ice maker.
  3. Now, push and release the Harvest button to run the Harvest cycle.
  4. You have to wait until the machine's Harvest cycle is completed and stop.
  5. Once the cycle has been completed, you need to remove the evaporator cover.
  6. Run the clean cycle. To run the clean cycle, push and release the clean button. When the cycle has started, you can see that the clean button indicator light blinking and the pump will restart.
  7. Pour 12 ounces of Scotsman ice machine cleaner into the reservoir water. Next, return the evaporator cover to its normal position.
  8. You have to wait for 10 minutes while the cleaning solution in the ice maker circulates.
  9. Again, you need to push and release the clean button to start the rinse process. If the rinsing process has started, you can confirm with the indicator light ON. This rinsing process flushes any residual cleaner out of the ice maker's water system.
  10. Wait about twenty minutes for completing the rinsing process and to remove any residual cleaning solution.
  11. Turn off the switch of the Scotsman ice machine.
  12. Now, you need to sanitize the ice maker.
  13. Take and mix the two gallons of ice machine sanitizer solution.
  14. Now press the clean button for starting the sanitization.
  15. You need to pour 18 ounces of sanitizer solution into the reservoir water.
  16. Wait until the sanitizing solution circulates.
  17. Now, push and release the clean button, it starts the rinse process. In this waiting time, you can sanitize the ice storage bin.
  18. It may take twenty minutes to complete the rinsing process to remove any residual sanitizer.
  19. Press the off button to switch off the ice machine.
  20. Now, you will need to remove the evaporator cover and spray/ wash interior surfaces of the freezing compartment including the evaporator cover with sanitizer solution.
  21. Replace the evaporator cover to its original position. Then, push and release the freeze button.
  22. After that, return the front panel of machine to it's position and secure it with the screws.

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Prepare Scotsman Ice Machine Cleaning Solutions

Here, you can know how to prepare Scotsman ice machine cleaning solutions.

Descaling Solution

The descaling state should be performed with a scale remover. This is the acid so you should handle with care. Make sure you use the descaler solution according to the instructions given to remove scale from where it can build up on your ice machine including a water reservoir, evaporator assembly, drop zone, water distribution tubes and ice bin. We recommend you use a nickel-safe ice machine scale remover.

Use a quat-based cleaner for the disinfecting and sanitizing stages. However, we recommend a simple mixture of water and bleach as a descaler remover. The dilution rates may be varied depending on which product you have chosen.

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Disinfection Solution

This disinfection solution comprised of higher amounts of bleach. It is safe because this disinfection solution is be required to be rinsed away. Mix 6 ounces of bleach with a gallon of water to make the disinfection solution.

Sanitization Solution

A more diluted Sanitization solution will be left on the machine to air dry, hence it contains a lower level of bleach. Mix 2 teaspoons of bleach with one gallon of water for making sanitizer. However, locally, you may have different sanitization ratio requirements so you should follow them.

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Additional Components Cleaning

For best performance, you should perform other parts cleaning also as part of your routine maintenance.

Air filters: Pull the air filters from the machine's front panel. Check and wash out any grease or dust on the air filter with water. After drying, you need to re-install them.

Air-cooled condenser: If your machine is not working well with the air filters cleaning, then, you will need to clean the air-cooled condenser fins. You can find these fins under the evaporator fan blades.

Exterior surfaces: You must clean all exterior surfaces with a high-quality stainless steel cleaner. Wipe down the top & side panels and wipe down the front for removing dust, grease and fingerprints.

Water filters: If your Scotsman ice machine is connected to water filters, there is a need of cartridges replacement if they have been installed for more than 6 months.

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However, regular maintenance is an important thing to keep your ice machine running well. Hope, our suggestions on how to clean a Scotsman ice machine helped you to remove dust, dirt and grease simply. If you need any further assistance related to Scotsman ice machine cleaning, you can check your owner’s manual. For Scotsman ice machine replacement parts, choose PartsFPS store.

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