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scotsman pebble ice maker cleaning

Keeping the Scotsman pebble ice maker clean ensures you have plenty of fresh-tasting ice. You should descale and sanitize your pebble ice maker regularly. But, do you know the Scotsman pebble ice maker cleaning process? If not, read this post. Here, we are going to share an easy method for your Scotsman pebble ice machine cleaning.

Scotsman Pebble Ice Machine Cleaning

Generally, twice per year, you can remove scale on unit and perform sanitizing. But, in some areas water contains significant quantities of minerals so the water system in the ice maker becoming coated with these minerals. Hence, it requires frequent maintenance than every 6 months. Check out the simple procedure for scale removal and sanitizing.

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1. Press and release the ON/ OFF button. The green light will blink for a minute and the unit will shut off.

2. You have to remove all ice from the bin.

3. Remove the scoop and fold metal bar flush to the bin wall.

4. Remove the ice maker's back panel by loosening thumbscrews. Lowering the panel and remove it from the front side.

5. Now, find the reservoir, push tab, lift and remove the cover.

6. Push ON/ OFF lever up to shut off the water.

7. You need to pull the drain plug to the drain system and return the plug.

8. Cut 1/2 inch off the end of the squirt nozzle with a pair of scissors and add approximately half of the bottle or 8 oz of premixed Scotsman clear 1 scale remover into the reservoir until half full.

9. Press and hold both ON/ OFF and Clean Reset buttons for 5 seconds. Then, the yellow light will start blinking. The Auger motor only will operate for ten minutes and then the compressor will turn on.

10. Allow the compressor to run and continue to add solutions maintaining the level at 1/2 full while the unit makes ice. You can hear normal noises such as squealing. The compressor will shut off after 40 minutes approximately.

11. Once all solution has been used, you have to push down on/ off lever to turn water backer on.

12. When the cleaning cycle is completed, pull the drain plug to the drain system then re-plug. Re-install the reservoir cover.

13. Now, you will need to re-install the back panel by tightening the thumbscrews and gently pushing on the bottom left and right to fit the panel in place.

14. You have to clean the bin with a mixture of cleaner and hot water. Then, scrub the remaining scale from the bin area and around the channel.

15. After that, rinse the bin with hot or cold water. Once rinsing has been completed, sanitize the ice maker.

16. Now the cleaning, descaling, and sanitizing have been done. You have to press and release the ON/ OFF button to restart the Scotsman pebble ice maker.  

It's better to sanitize the drain system regularly if the small amount of water draining from the ice machine.

You should use manufacturer recommending solutions for sanitizing the surfaces of your Scotsman pebble ice maker. The recommended solution will kill all germs and microorganisms on surfaces. Make sure you leave this solution on the surface to air dry. Do not rinse while sanitizing.

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You have to use a higher rate of cleaning solution than used for sanitizing. These higher rating solutions remove scale, dirt, mold, grime, and any other microorganisms from the machine surfaces. In this process of disinfecting, you need to wipe or scrub the surface clean. After that, rinse the ice maker's surface to flush away any remaining cleaner.

When is the Time to Clean Scotsman Pebble Ice Maker?

One can clean the ice maker when:

  • Ice is getting too cloudy,
  • When ice cubes are getting smaller than normal,
  • When ice cubes are melting quickly,
  • If you feel the taste of ice as a drink,
  • When the exterior and interior of the machine are dirty.
  • When ice cubes are getting dirty.

Now some advanced models come with built-in sensors so they will remind you when cleaning is needed. Moreover, in a few models, there is an auto-cleaning mode available. Hence, it will be done automatically when the machine wants cleaning.

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Hope you knew how to clean a Scotsman pebble ice maker. Clean the machine frequently as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. With cleaning, not only you will always get nicely shaped, but you will also extend the unit’s life along the way. If you have any doubts about the Scotsman pebble ice maker model, you can refer to the manual.

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