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how to clean hobart mixer

Many people are using Hobart commercial mixers in their restaurants or bakeries. If you are also one who has a Hobart mixer, focus on the regular cleaning and maintenance. One of the best ways to protect against common Hobart mixer problems is to regularly clean your equipment and it's parts. Below are the tips on how to clean a Hobart mixer that you can follow to extend the life and minimize parts replacement.

How to Clean a Hobart Mixer?

While cleaning Hobart mixer, you should clean the mixer bowls and other accessories as well. Wash beaters, whips, and dough arms thoroughly with mild soap solution and water. After that rinse these components with mild soda or vinegar solution. Next, rinse with clean water before using them.

You should follow the same cleaning procedure for bowls and agitators before whipping egg whites or whole eggs.

Make sure you clean your mixer daily. You should not use a hose to clean the commercial mixer. Use a clean and damp cloth. You will be able to clean under the mixer through ample room under the base. Periodically, remove the drip cup and wipe it off to clean.

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Wire Cage Cleaning

If you want to clean the mixer's bowl guard wire cage, follow the below instructions.

  • Rotate the wire cage to the left until the three carriers align perfectly with the carrier escape slots in the circular ridge of the planetary drip cup.
  • Lift the bowl guard wire cage straight up so the carriers escape from the slots on the drip cup. Now, you can remove the wire cage by pulling it towards you.
  • Then, wash the bowl guard wire cage in a sink. Rinse the cage with normal water and dry with a clean cloth.
  • The splash guard can wipe off and wash with a cloth or sponge using warm soapy water. Rinse with a clean cloth.
  • After completion of the cleaning process, you must re-install the bowl guard wire cage in the correct position.

Tips for Preventive Maintenance

If you follow the preventive maintenance tips along with regular cleaning, you can reduce the Hobart mixer problems. Here, we have given some Hobart mixer preventive maintenance tips that you can follow to save money with the less repairs.

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Your Hobart mixer has many moving components. For a smooth running of all mixer parts, you have to lubricate them regularly. If you lubricate regularly, it prevents heat from warping the parts.

You should lubricate the lift slide rails at least once a month. The rails get splashed with doughy, dry or wet ingredients. So, it is very important to clean them frequently. Bowl clamps needed to be lubricated twice a year. Mixer's moving parts lubrication is one of the best ways to extend the life of your equipment as well as it's parts.

Seals Replacing

When seals are leaking, you can notice it around the auxiliary attachment hub, planetary assembly, etc. You just replace the grease. With the help of training videos, you can replace the grease simply. If you are trying yourself, use synthetic food-grade grease to replace it. Seals are also needed to be replaced if necessary.

Deep Cleaning

You should perform periodic deep clean. And, wipe down the mixer after every use. Check out the deep cleaning for various parts of the Hobart mixer. You need to clean all parts to clean leftover dough from all the nooks and crannies.

  • Switches and Timers: You will need to wipe down timers, switches, bowl attachment locks, auxiliary attachment parts, back rails, etc. At the end of every day, you need to do this. Remove parts that show buildup and clean them. Once a month, deep cleaning is necessary.
  • Fan and Protective Grid: The protective grid will be clogged easily as it is used repeatedly. Sometimes, it may be blocked which causes the motor gets too hot. The fan in the mixer is also coated with flour and other ingredients that obstruct the air intake and reduce the ability of the motor to cool down. So, clean the needed spots to keep the mixer's motor running smoothly longer.
  • Planetary Assembly: Clean the planetary assembly periodically by opening it with a screwdriver. When you open it, check for the lubricant leaks too. The moisture would be caused to rusted parts so see for the leaks and fix them.

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Keep Mixer Parts Dry

Always keep each part dry before replacing them. Commonly condensation will occur on the mixer. To remove condensation, wipe it to dry after wiping it down at the day end. Make sure dry each one such as splash guard, wire cage assembly, etc.  

Inspect Safety Features

You should check the safety features of your Hobart mixer. Check for the undamaged safety cage, power cord issues, wire cage bowl guard, etc. If they got damaged, replace them with less price.

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If you care about your Hobart mixer with regular cleaning and maintenance, it will give you long service life. If the task of Hobart mixer cleaning gets too hard for your skill level, once contact a technician so you can get advice and instructions. For further more instructions on how to clean a Hobart mixer, refer to the owner’s manual.

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