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imperial convection oven troubleshooting

If your Imperial convection oven goes down, you will look for a way to solve it fast. Luckily, most problems with convection ovens are fairly easy. Here at PartsFPS, we help you to save bucks by providing some simple Imperial convection oven troubleshooting instructions so you can fix the common issues yourself.

Imperial Convection Fan is Not Working

Your convection oven uses a fan that circulates the heat throughout the unit during the cooking process. These types of ovens are a boon as they supply even heating to multiple dishes at a time no matter on what rack they are placed. However, if that convection oven fan fails, you may have potentially disastrous results.

If the fan in your convection oven is no longer running or blowing cold air instead of hot air, then there may be two things are malfunctioning. They are fan & motor assembly or the heating element by the fan itself. In order to fix the issue, you will be able to troubleshoot in the faulty area.

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Defective Heating Element

In the Imperial ovens, the fan is installed by its own heating element. When that heating element is faulty, it is easy to diagnose the problem before affecting the oven. If the element is faulty, the fan and convection oven will work as very normal rather than circulating cold air.

The heating element is located at the top of your oven tub but for some models, it is located at the back wall. You can find the element by locating the vents leading to the fan area. Shut off the power and remove it from the unit. Now, you can check for damage on the element. If you can't observe any bubbling or burning on the coil, it could mean that the element is damaged inside its casing. Test with a multimeter to see if it is faulty. You need to replace if necessary.

Faulty Motor or Fan

If the fan in your oven is not working at all, it is likely not a problem with the heating element. There might be an issue with the fan itself or motor. You need to inspect the fan. It will be obstructed when it is dirty that results in the fan will not turn. If the fan is not dirty and not obstructed, the motor might be faulty.

After that, you have to check the motor. Access the motor by removing the back panel or panel on the outside behind where the fan is placed. Check the continuity of the motor with a multi-meter and replace it if necessary. Otherwise, assess the problem of motor with a professional repair technician.

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Clean the Filter

Simply clean the fan filter. It looks likely as a metal mesh that has remarkably clogged with the oven grease and dripped cheese. If this filter is clogged, air can't flow through it then your oven air circulation does not work. So, simply you should clean out the filter.

You can remove the filter by releasing locking tabs and sliding it from the racks. Now, soak it in hot water mixed with dish soap. It melts most of the cooking grease in the fan filter along with the sauce and cheese drips. After soaking, scrub the filter with hot water, dish soap, and a dish brush. Later, dry the filter and return it.

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Inaccurate Oven Temperature

Occasionally a faulty control board or thermostat will cause your oven to get hotter than it's supposed to. You can fix this issue inexpensively on your own.

Defective safety valve

Most of the time your oven's temperature is inaccurate, it will not heat the unit at all. Keep the inside of the unit clean and free of grease that prevents the igniter from being weakened over time. Moreover, a defective safety valve creates a longer time between ignitions, resulting in your convection oven, not heating enough. You can fix it by replacing the igniter if it is defective or weakened.

Thermostat failure

Thermostat failure is the common reason behind your convection oven not heating enough. It will monitor the inside of the oven and cycle the heat on and off at the correct time. Test with a multi-meter to know the continuity of the thermostat. However, it is easy to replace the Imperial convection oven thermostat and inexpensive.

Imperial Convection oven burners take a very long time to light or won't stay on

When there is a problem with thermocouples, you may get these types of issues. If your oven's thermocouple is old, it gets weaker and it needs to be replaced. You can locate it below the pilot light. It has a small wire that goes from the pilot light to the control panel. When that wire is heated, the oven will turn on the burners. But once it cools back down the burner’s cycle on and off, resulting in your Imperial convection oven pilot light will not stay on.

Convection Oven is Not Heating Up

If your Imperial convection oven is not heating, you should check the circuit breaker or fuse box. Make sure there is proper electrical power to the unit. Double-check the temperature of the oven has been selected when testing to see if it heats up. All the above are fine and still problem existing, contact a technician.


Any piece of equipment works better and lasts longer when maintained properly. Your Imperial convection oven must be kept clean during the working day and thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day. Hope this guide helped you more to troubleshoot common Imperial convection oven problems.

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