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imperial gas range troubleshooting

If you are ready to cook food but your range is not working, let's look at some possible causes for your Imperial range isn't operating. Basic functioning knowledge of gas range components is helpful to fix the minor problems. We have provided solutions for common gas range issues. So, try with this Imperial gas range troubleshooting guide to fix the problem yourself.

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Imperial Gas Range Troubleshooting Guide

Is your gas oven won't heat up, gas oven igniter glows but no flame and gas stove burner not working properly? Check out the gas stove problem solutions and oven troubleshooting instructions.

Cooktop Not Working

Surface burner issues

  • Clicking - The burner makes a click sound when it ignites or spillover occurs.
  • Sparkling - It might happen when there is a draft in the room. And, if you are using the low setting on the burner, sparkling may appear.
  • Too low flame, too high flame, yellow, uneven, or noisy are caused for surface burner problems.
  • Check if the burner ports are clogged. You should clean them with a needle, straight pin, or small gauge wire. Make sure not to use a wooden toothpick. Also, verify the instructions in the company's manual.
  • Inspect the burner base and burner cap positioned correctly. If they are not, place them properly as per the guidelines in the manual.
  • If the burner base making a popping sound, assume that the burner might be wet. So, leave it to dry completely before using.
  • Make sure the gas supply is correct. Check whether the pressure regulator is installed properly and gas line pressure is alright.
  • If your gas range is using propane gas, call a service technician to fix the problem.

Stove Top Burner Doesn’t Light

Sometimes food particles or dirt accumulates in the pilot light tip and closes it off. To fix this problem,

  • First, you have to remove your gas range top to find the pilot lights.
  • Turn off all stove controls. After that, remove the small-cap or cover on the pilot lights and clean them if there is any residue.
  • You need to clean the gas opening in the pilot light by poking a straight pin into the small gas hole.
  • Now, scrub the tubes which are leading from the burners to the pilot by using a detergent and stiff brush.
  • In the pilot light, you have to hold a match over the gas hole, then the pilot should light. If the gas stove doesn't light, you should verify the gas supply to the stove is ON.

Nothing Will Work

If your Imperial gas range is not working at all, ensure the power cord is connected to the grounded operational outlet. Next, check the circuit breaker and fuses and know the power supply is correctly done. Ensure the gas valve is ON. Gas valve connections and power supply are not problems, you have to examine some more things.

Check for the oven control is set properly. You can check the manufacturer's manual to make sure set correctly.

See if the control lock is on. If it is, you need to reset the power to your range.

Just the oven not work, but not the whole range, then ensure that delay start has not been activated.

If the problem is with the oven as well as the gas range and it was connected to the gas supply, the air in the gas lines might be caused. To release the air, you have to turn on any one of the surface burner knobs.

Dangerous Issues with Gas Ranges and Ovens

If your oven and range are ON, but nothing works on it, then it might because of gas leaking or something leaking inside of the appliance. It is somewhat dangerous so that it's better to take the help of a technician.

Your range works well and the appliance ignites too high temperatures when more gas coming out than really needs. This could be a fire hazard.

The flame is in red color rather than blue. Ensure the fire in the gas range always glow blue. You will get red fire when the appliance not using all of the gas which can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Final Words:-

By using this Imperial gas range troubleshooting guide, it is easy to determine the possible causes and solutions. If you are not confident about your ability to fix the problem of your gas range or oven, call a professional immediately. PartsFPS supplies Imperial parts through an online delivery service. So, if you need to buy any replacement parts for your gas range, buy from here at low cost.

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