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pitco rethermalizer troubleshooting

Restaurant owners who are focused on carryout and takeout, specifically those getting a high volume of orders want to keep the food warm and fresh all day long. With the right equipment, as a commercial kitchen owner, you can supply juicy food held at a precise temperature. Pitco rethermalizers are the perfect choice for restaurants providing carryout or to offer room service in hospitals and hotels. If your rethermalizer behaves wrongly, our Pitco rethermalizer troubleshooting tips are available here. So, check and fix Pitco rethermalizer common problems to get operated as previously.

Pitco Rethermalizer Troubleshooting Guide

Pitco rethermalization equipment reheats your food that has been previously prepared and keeps it at a preset temperature. This will be done by heating water to a specific temperature and the vacuum seated product gets placed in the water. The heated water brings the food in the package up to the set temperature and holds it there as long as you need it. But, sometimes, there might be a few problems arise so that it can't do its work as normal. So, check here basic troubleshooting instructions and fix the Pitco rethermalizer issues.

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Power Failure

If electric power is removed for any reason from the unit, the appliance will shut down automatically. Check the circuit breakers and fuses. With the help of an electrician, you have to fix the electrical problems. Once the power is restored, you have to wait for five minutes before restarting the appliance. This waiting time allows time for any gas that accumulated in the burner or tubes to dissipate. While restarting the unit, you have to follow its start-up process which is given in the Pitco rethermalizer manual.

High-Temperature Limit

The Pitco rethermalizer is designed with a high-temperature limit switch. If the internal tank reaches a dangerous temperature, this switch will stop your unit from functioning. If the high-temperature limit has tripped, you can follow these steps.

  • Turn the power off to the rethermalizer.
  • Leave the unit some time until it cools down to room temperature.
  • After cool down, you have to add water to the tank as needed. Remember that you should add water to the tank until it has been gen ample time to cool down.
  • Now, press the high-temperature reset button if equipped.
  • Appliance's high limit switch is now reset and it is ready to start.

Drain Valve Interlock

If your Pitco rethermalizer has a drain valve interlock circuit, check if it is open. When the drain valve is opened, your unit will stop heating. Sometimes, the appliance will shut off. So, you need to do the troubleshooting to resume the unit's functionality when the drain valve interlock is tripped. Turn off the rethermalizer. Close the internal tank drain valve and fill the tank with water. Now, turn your unit ON.

Controller Does Not Activate

No power to the unit - You have to check the main power supply sources.

Defective circuit breaker - For this, you need to reset the circuit breaker.

I/O switch in O position - Flip this switch to I position and turn on the controller.

Power cord not connected or loose - Check and connect the power cord to the appliance properly.

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Autofill Does Not Add Water

Check whether the water supply valve is turned on or not. Make sure to turn on the water.

Lower water level sensor is wet - If it is the reason, you have to dry off the sensor.

Autofill Does Not Shut Off When Full

If the upper water level sensor is dirty, it can't shut off the water automatically. Check by cleaning the sensor.

There might be insufficient mineral content in water. You have to ass 1/8 cup baking soda to the cook tank.

Controller Displays That It is Heating But Water Will Not Heat

Autofill system has cutoff heat - You have to allow the autofill system to fill the tank as well as restore heat.

Check if the high-temperature limit has tripped. Allow the unit to cool and then reset the high limit temperature limit.

Pitco Rethermalizer Maintenance Tips

If you do correct maintenance to your appliance, you can prevent the common problems that are occurred in the unit.

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Daily Preventative Maintenance

  • During the cooking process, the stretch will build on the temperature probes, tank, and heating element. So, you should clean these Pitco rethermalizer parts frequently in a day.
  • Perform appliance inspection including high-temperature limit, wires & cords, loose parts, water leaks around drain lines, etc.
  • Clean the cook tank and cabinet.

Monthly Preventative Maintenance

As water may leave mineral deposits inside the tank, you have to follow the monthly maintenance steps to keep your equipment safe and at an efficient performance. Follow the instructions that are provided in the Pitco rethermalizer manual to remove deposits from the interior tank. Clean and rinse the inside of the tank as well as its components thoroughly with cool water. With a dry cloth, wipe out all of the water.


The Pitco rethermalizer is the best addition to a restaurant or any commercial kitchen. It will save time and money as well by reheating the previously cooked food. Also, helps to reduce extensive labor and equipment demands. As food water can be a costly problem for food service industries, always keep the rethermalizers in top condition. Hence, fix your Pitco electric rethermalizer problems quickly. Hope this Pitco rethermalizer troubleshooting guide helps you more. At PartsFPS, you can buy Pitco parts also for replacement needs.

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