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frymaster fryer troubleshooting

Our guide provides you troubleshooting tips to some of the common problems that may occur during the operation of Frymaster equipment. This guide is intended to help correct or at least accurately diagnose the problems. Frymaster fryer troubleshooting blog covers the most common issues and solutions.

Frymaster Fryer Troubleshooting Guide

When you troubleshoot the problem, use a process of elimination starting with the simple solution and working through to the complex. You should keep in mind that a failure of a small component or parts leads to the potential failure or might be caused to improper functioning of the system.

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Controller and Heating Problems

Controller doesn't activate

Check for the power cord is plugged in correctly and verify that if the circuit breaker is tripped. Repair or replace the circuit breaker if required.

Also, examine whether the controller or power supply component or interface board is failed.

Frymaster fryer heating failure

Drain valve is open - A drain safety switch prevents the heating element from being energized when the valve is not closed completely. So, check that valve is open and keep it closed.

If still, your fryer is not heating, check other components including heating elements.

Fryer cycles ON and OFF repeatedly when started

When your fryer is in melt cycle mode, you can get this type of problem.

This is the normal problem. The default working mode is for the elements to cycle on and off until the temperature in the frypot reaches 180ºF (82ºC). You can observe the "MLT -  CYCL" in the display if it is in the melt cycle mode.

The purpose of the melt cycle is to allow controlled melting of solid shortening to prevent scorching and flash fires or damage to the element. You have to press and hold the exit cool button to bypass the melt cycle. When a notification appears, press "yes". 

Fryer does not heat after filtering

There could be opened drain valve. Your Frymaster deep fryer is equipped with a safety switch that prevents the heating element from being energized when the drain valve is not closed fully. So, close the drain valve.

Fryer heats until high limit trips with heat indicator ON

The temperature probe or controller has failed. If you find out that there is a Frymaster probe failure, you have to replace the temperature probe. Otherwise, consult a service person to check further causes and resolve the problem.

Fryer heats until high limit trips without heat indicator ON

Check for the contactor or controller has failed. You can fix the issue with the help of instructions given in the Frymaster fryer manual. Or, replace it with a new one.

Fryer stops heating with heat indicator ON

When the high limit thermostat or contactor has failed, your fryer might stop heating. So, with the help of a technician, resolve this problem. If there is a broken thermostat, buy a new Frymaster thermostat at PartsFPS and replace it.

Filtration Problems

Filter pump won't start

The power cord is not plugged in or circuit breaker is tripped might be the reason for this problem. Make sure that the power cord is plugged in properly. If there is a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker, you should replace them.

The pump motor has overheated when the thermal overload switch is tripped. If the motor is too hot to touch for more than a few seconds, the thermal overload switch has probably tripped. You have to allow the motor to cool at least for 45 minutes and then press the "pump reset switch".

First, test for the blockage in the filter pump. Close the drain valve and pull the filter pan out from your fryer. Now, activate the pump. If the pump motor hums for a short time then stops, you have to consider that there could be blockage of the pump itself. Usually, these pump blockages are caused by sediment buildup in the pump due to improperly sized or installed filter paper and failure to use the crumb screen.

Filter pump runs, but oil does not return to frypot and there is no bubbling oil

Check for the blockage in the filter pan suction tube. Close the drain valve and pull the filter pan out from the Frymaster fryer. Next, you have to activate the pump. If bubbling oil appears, then there is a blockage in the filter pan suction tube. By using a thin and flexible wire, you can remove the blockage in the filter tube.

Filter pump runs, but the oil return is very slow and bubbling oil occurs

Improperly installed filter pan components - If you are using filter paper or pad configuration, you need to verify that the filter screen is in the pan bottom with a paper or pad on the top of the screen. Also, check whether O-rings are present and in good condition on filter pan connection fitting. For magnasol filter assembly, you should inspect that the O-ring is present and is in good working condition on filter screen fitting. Finally, check whether your filter with oil is getting enough heat or not.

Gas Deep Fryer Troubleshooting

If your Frymaster gas fryer facing problems, initially, you should verify the gas supply is on. Check the connection is tight. Moreover, make sure the hood is operating.

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How do you start a Frymaster fryer?

  • Turn the fryer ON. Press and hold the button to switch on. Select the button on the desired side of a split vat.
  • Change the product icon associated with the lane if required.
  • Now, start a cook cycle by pressing the Start button under the desired product.

How do you set the temperature on a frymaster?

Press the programming switch. Enter code number based on your Frymaster fryer model. Setpoint will appear in the left display. This is for temperature setting. Previously selected temperature will be displayed on the right display. Now, enter the desired temperature. After that, press the programming switch to look at the temperature setting.

How do you boil a frymaster?

Close the drain valve. Ensure that the burner is ignited. Add a mixture of fryer cleaner and cold water. Fill with the cleaning solution to the lower oil level line. Ignite the deep fryer for about an hour. Once the cleaning solution simmers, you have to turn the gas valve knob to Pilot. Now, let the solution cool down. Use a heavy-duty container to drain the solution from the fryer.


If you are unable to fix the problems with this Frymaster fryer troubleshooting guide, check the manual. In the Frymaster fryer manual, you may get special instructions as well with your model. When you go through Frymaster parts or components replacement, choose PartsFPS. Here, you can buy OEM frymaster replacement parts at a low cost!

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