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Do you have any issues with your Scotsman prodigy ice machine? If so, you can find the best solutions for common Scotsman prodigy ice machine problems. Moreover, know the reasons behind your unit's problem to get the possible fixes easier. Let's check our Scotsman prodigy ice machine troubleshooting guide and solve the issues yourself with less cost.

Scotsman Prodigy Ice Machine Troubleshooting

In this post, you can check the possible problems, causes and solutions as part of the Scotsman prodigy ice machine troubleshooting procedure.

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No Ice Producing from Ice Machine

Ice machine didn’t get power - Check if the power is disconnected to your unit. Also, verify the circuit breaker and fuse. If the circuit breaker is tripped, you need to reset it. Replace the fuse if it has blown.

No power to the controller - If your unit is getting power, then you will have to check power to the controller. Usually, it might happen when the transformer is opened. If this is the case, you should replace the transformer for getting ice.

Shut down on maximum water fill time - Your ice machine could be shut down on maximum water fill time due to the water shut off. Hence, you need to restore the water supply.

Shut down on maximum freeze time  

This issue could be raised when the following things have happened. So, check the possible solutions for these problems.

Water leak - To fix this, check all valves, curtain, sump, pump hose, etc.

Clogged air filters - If they are clogged, you need to clean these filters.

Dirty condenser - The condenser should always be cleaned so clean the filter when it is dirty.

Dirty water distributor - If it is dirty, remove and clean the water distributor quickly.

Restricted location, intake air too hot - You have to move the machine.

Ice thickness sensor is dirty or disconnected - You always check the ice thickness sensor probe to know whether it is dirty or disconnected.

Inlet water valve leaks - Check if the inlet water valve is leaking through during freeze. Fix the issue without leaks from the water valve.

Incomplete harvest system - Sometimes there might be an incorrect harvest system.

High pressure cut out opened - If it has happened, you need to check the fan motor pressure control, fan motor and controller using test mode.

Fan motor not turning - When your machine's fan motor is not running, examine the fan motor, fan blade, controller and so on by keeping it in test mode.

In addition to the above issues, you can not get ice from your ice machine with the below causes.

  • Unit is connected to the hot water.
  • Fan motor pressure control open.
  • Water pump not pumping.
  • Pump hose disconnected.
  • Compressor not working.
  • Low refrigerant charge.
  • Loosen thermostatic expansion valve bulb.
  • Hot gas valve leaks during freeze.
  • Thermostatic expansion valve produces very high or low superheat.

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Shutdown on maximum harvest time

Know the reasons behind your Scotsman prodigy ice machine shut down on maximum harvest time.

Ice bridge thickness is too small and not enough ice to open the curtain. So, check and adjust the settings to improve the ice production if necessary. Although, you will have to verify if the ice bridge thickness is too large and ice is frozen to the evaporator frame.

Incomplete ice formation - For this, there is a need of checking the water distributor for partially plugged holes.

Curtain out of position - Check and adjust the curtain for swing restriction.

Unit in very cold ambient temperature - As that temperature is not good for your machine, you have to move the unit to a warmer place.

Curtain switch doesn't open when curtain open - Test the curtain switch with an ohmmeter. Replace it if needed.

Hot gas valve doesn't open - See if there are any issues with the hot gas valve or controller.

Damaged evaporator - Check the evaporator surface and find whether it requires replacement.

Fan motor stays ON during harvest mode - It will occur due to a controller issue. So, test the controller to rectify the error.

Shut down on minimum freeze time

  • Grounded ice thickness sensor - To fix this, you will need to check the ice thickness sensor for dirt as well as position. Also, adjust the gap between the sensor and evaporator surface. Clean the sensor if required.
  • Restricted water distributor - If so, clean it immediately.
  • Bridge thickness too thin - You should adjust the settings for correct thickness.

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Low Ice Making Capacity

If your ice machine is not producing the correct amount of ice as it does, know the reasons and possible solutions.

Long freeze cycle

Below are the causes for your ice machine's long freeze cycle.

  • Dirty air filters - Clean the filters if they are dirty.
  • Dir condenser - You must clean the condenser to avoid a long freeze cycle.
  • Hot ambient - By reducing the room air temperature, you can solve the issue.
  • Water leak - For water leakages, you have to fix the problems with the purge valve and curtain.
  • Incorrect superheat - Check evaporator superheat. If it is significantly high or low, you will need to replace TXV.

Long harvest cycle

  • Dirty evaporator - Descale the evaporator water system.
  • No harvest assist - Check harvest assist solenoid.
  • Bridge thickness too big - Adjust the bridge thickness to correct it.
  • Ice machine is in very cool ambient - Check the location of ice machine and increase the room temperature if it is in cool ambient temperature.

False bin full signal

  • Ice jammed in between curtain and sump - Clear ice away.
  • Curtain doesn't close correctly - Check the curtain for a proper swing.

Makes Excessive Noise

  • Fan blade vibrates - Check whether the blade is bent or not. Replace the fan blade if it is bent. Check if the motor mount is broken.
  • Compressor vibrates - See if the mounting bolts loosen. Tighten them if necessary.
  • Water pump vibrates - If pump bearings are worn, your water pump vibrates. So, replace the pump.
  • Panels vibrate - When mounting screws are loosened, panels will vibrate. Hence, tighten screws.


For more Scotsman prodigy ice machine troubleshooting tips for other issues, check your owner’s manual.

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