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Traulsen is a kitchen equipment manufacturing company based in Texas. Traulsen makes its refrigerators keeping in mind both the temperate and tropical climates as their users are spread throughout the world. Traulsen has a long time of experience in making refrigeration equipment for both residential and commercial use.  It has been a trusted brand to many households for its quality and endurance. Many thriving businesses employ Traulsen for their commercial uses where the quantity of material that needs to be stored is more.

Traulsen refrigerators come with great insulation and energy-conserving systems which makes them efficient and cost-friendly. Whether you want to store your groceries or make ice cubes to chill your beverages, Traulsen is the best. So, here are some Traulsen refrigerator reviews for you to purchase a refrigerator that suits your needs.

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Traulsen Refrigerator Reviews

Design and Sizes

Traulsen Refrigerators come in various sizes and designs to fit all the needs. Their roll-in, reach-in, and roll-thru designs come in three section units. The refrigerators are equipped with self-closing doors and a broad temperature range to select. There are several glass door units incorporated within the fridge. As these refrigerators are being used extensively for commercial purposes, the overall equipment is pretty heavy. Thick sheet metal is more used in these refrigerators to sustain heavy usage. Almost all the parts such as door handles, doors, and hinges come with a lifetime warranty.

Stainless Steel Construction

As we said earlier the Traulsen refrigerators are heavily used by businesses the overall construction of the Trauson freezer is made with stainless steel. The handles, shelves, and panels are made with stainless steel as it gives a strong body and endurance to the refrigerator. One move advantage of using stainless steel is it helps the temperature to spread evenly across the refrigerator. The stainless steel panels make it easy to clean and maintain the refrigerator.

Airflow Performance

Usually what we see in regular refrigerators is the cold air pushed from the top and bottom. We know that convection which is a form of heat transfer happens efficiently when the circulation of air covers more surface area. So, the Traulsen refrigerator has a circular airflow within the shelves which is accompanied by the ducts so that heat transfer happens more efficiently. This eventually results in pitching up the overall efficiency of the refrigerator.

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Complete Foamed Insulation

For refrigerators or for any cooling system for that matter, insulation plays a major role in improving efficiency and reducing power consumption. Traulsen fridges have a minimum of a toe-inch thickness of insulation which isolates the whole interior and prevents heat from entering inside.

Load Sure Guards

The interiors of the refrigerator are designed in such a way that we can’t load more to the point where the airflow gets restricted. Thanks to the load sure guards! As we said earlier this helps in increasing the overall efficiency of the system.


Though Traulsen fridge freezes are among the premier line of refrigerators, they also make affordable ones like their G-Series. They are also energy-efficient and save up to 45 percent in annual energy costs. They come with a three-year parts and labor warranty. They also come with features like TXV Metering which is used for rapid temperature recovery when needed and Digital microprocessor control.

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As the refrigerator's interiors are made with stainless steel, we don’t need to bother about stains! I.e that makes the cleaning easy. Unlike plastic body refrigerators, these make the refrigerator installation also easy. Apart from cleaning regular checkups of the condenser and compressor function will be helpful to maintain the durability of the system.


Though there are many competitors in the line of refrigeration products, Traulsen stands out with its realistic approach by addressing customers' demands. Their elegant and premier designs look futuristic and fit perfectly into modern kitchens. So, hope our Traulsen refrigerator reviews help you in picking a Traulsen of your own.


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